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ACTSA Scotland was formed in December 1994 as the successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement Scottish Committee, and works to develop solidarity between Scotland and all the states of the Southern African Development Community. Our closest links are with South Africa and in particular with Eastern Cape Province with which Scotland has had a particularly strong historic connection.

In addition to individual ACTSA Scotland members and supporters a range of organisations have been involved in the work of ACTSA Scotland, including church and religious organisations, trade unions, international support groups, local authorities and schools.

One of ACTSA Scotland's key objectives is to develop direct contact between individuals and organisations in Scotland and Southern Africa. Links have been established over the years between several organisations and this has led to some very helpful connections, including exchange visits and other contacts which have helped to build relationships. One significant example was the link between Glasgow City Council and Amathole District Municipality, which involved several projects to exchange skills.

Arising from this interest in links with Eastern Cape, two major areas of work for a long time were the collecting and sorting of books to send to school libraries in the Province, with 10 container-loads - about half a million books - being sent over 20 years, and the arrangement from time to time of sponsored walks on the Wild Coast with visits to the inspiring organisations for which the walks raised modest funds. Both these initiatives have now come to an end but were very productive in their time.

ACTSA Scotland also campaigns for peace, democracy, reconstruction and development in Southern Africa, and works to increase knowledge and understanding in Scotland of that region, including the legacies of apartheid and its widespread destructive consequences. ACTSA Scotland is affiliated to the UK organisation Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA), a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, but did not follow it into charitable status and remains a non-charitable (though not-for-profit) voluntary organisation, retaining its original objectives as outlined above. The two organisations work together where appropriate, and value the relationship.

ACTSA Scotland now has its own individual members and affiliates, who decide on its policy, but also encourages membership by individuals and organisations of ACTSA UK.

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