A large part of ACTSA Scotland's activity at present is giving support to the Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation, which arose out of the past work of the Anti-Apartheid Movement Scottish Committee and ACTSA Scotland.  The Foundation was formally registered in December 2016 as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with the purpose of increasing awareness of the life, work and legacy of Nelson Mandela, of the connections between him and Scotland, and of other links between Scotland and South Africa over the years.   A major early objective is to fund and erect a statue of Mandela in Nelson Mandela Place in Glasgow in recognition of that having been the first city in the world to grant him the Freedom of the City (in 1981), an initiative that was very significant at the time. Work with schools is another key activity, and a resource pack commisssioned from the West of Scotland Development Education Centre (WOSDEC) was published in March 2020, online and on paper, under the title "When Mandela Danced in the Square".  This introduces young people to the history and connects Mandela's example to the ongoing, never-ending struggle for racial and social justice.  Available for free download at bit.ly/WhenMandela
     The Foundation is an independent charity but ACTSA Scotland has agreed to work closely with it in achieving these objectives.  More information can be found at mandelascottishmemorial.org 

    The ACTSA Scotland Book Appeal has now come to an end, after gathering, sorting and sending half a million books to schools in Eastern Cape Province of South Africa over 20 years.
    In normal times, other ACTSA Scotland activities continue, including stalls at conferences and other events to spread information about Southern Africa and to assist community projects there.   The Covid 19 situation has, of course,  led to the suspension of much of this work in the meantime, but it will resume as and when that becomes possible.